Late rental charges on VHS

The CraftMy sister rented the film The Craft upon its video release, and then lent it to her friend. A day later, they both fell out and her friend refused to return the tape. My Mom and Dad didn’t know about this and about a month later my Dad decided to rent another film from the same store. The woman explained to him upon check out that there was an £80 late charge for not returning The Craft. Apparently we were charged for the actual ownership of the tape, and if he didn’t pay the fee the matter would be taken to court.

My Dad ended up paying the £80, and my sister was then (calmly) introduced to his dark side.

The film was never recovered from her friend, but funnily enough I received The Craft as a Christmas present that same year from my Mom. To this day I’m not sure if this was some sort of sick joke, but I laughed, and laugh every time I see the VHS anywhere.

-Dale (@VivaVHS)

What was the most you ever incurred for not returning a rental tape to video shop on time? Or, even worse, do you still have some tapes that you never returned? Let us know in the comments.

A VHS Collection: Part Six

This series has been submitted by Dale Lloyd, aka @VivaVHS.

Next up on the film studios list is my Palace collection. To me, Palace will always remembered as one of the main distributors of horror movies.

During the mid to late 80s they issued a collection of horror tapes labelled ‘Palace Horror’. Each tape in the series was wrapped in a vibrant, bright coloured cover. They even had a cool 18 logo at the top of each case and spine (as pictured). It featured a skull bone which symbolised the number 1, and a skull for the 8.

In the series were the following titles: Vampire At Midnight (need), Dream Demon (need), Edge Of Sanity, Trick Or Treat, Night Of The Demons, Basket Case, Brain Damage, Creepers, Evil Dead II, and The Hills Have Eyes.

Although I don’t own all of the titles in that particular collection, I still own most of them in other cases/covers.

Palace logo 1

I still find it odd that Palace managed to distribute such films like Grifters and King Of New York. I’d love to know if they issued other non horror films.

Palace logo 2