More video shop memories

Thanks to Jay H for his answers below to our recent batch of questions looking for your video shop memories. Jay tells us that his interest in VHS tapes has been renewed in recent months because of the work of VivaVHS and Video Cultures! Thanks for the compliment!

What was your local video shop called?

Video Mania. Best deal: rent 4 tapes for 4 days for $4 USD! Did that one often.

Do you remember the owner?

Yes, the same woman always worked the checkout desk, which was rather uncomfortable whenever I rented “questionable” videos. Although, I’m sure she didn’t think badly of me based on most of the people that would frequent this place.

Did you collect or buy ex-rental tapes from video shops that closed down?

Yep, I’ve bought several tapes from that place (wish I had bought more!) and from other places when available. Even bought a bunch of tapes from Hollywood Video when they began clearing out their VHS.

Did your video shop keep a few rare items under the counter?

Not this particular location.

Did you manage to get 18 certificate films when you were still a youngster?

Yeah, no problem. Rented Rated R or even NC 17 from middle school on. Had a marathon when I was 16 that included Dog Day Afternoon, Gates of Hell, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Did you design your own art work or VHS covers?

Occasionally, but not for films. Mostly compilation tapes I created from recording videos or programs from TV.

Have you imported video tapes from Europe and further afield?

I have not imported VHS from outside of North America.

Do you have and still use a VHS player?

Of course!

Are you thinking of dusting off the VCR, Betamax or Video 2000 player? What old formats do you still enjoy?

I do need to dust off and reconnect my LaserDisc player. I have so many LDs to watch and so many I still wanna buy for cheap; some that contain features not present on their DVD/BD cousins..

Have you been a video shop owner, or are you still?


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