It’s All Greek To Me

Apollo videoThought for the day: Any ideas as to why so many video shops had Greek inspired names?  In Birmingham we had Apollo Video (was this part of the same chain who now own Apollo Cinemas?), Olympia Video and, perhaps my favourite, Aphrodite Video.  Surely this cannot be a coincidence?  Were there any other shops in the UK that had similar names?

One comment on “It’s All Greek To Me
  1. Well my video shop in Liverpool was called Pirate Video (no idea if FACT found that title amusing), and before that, Village Video, so I never had the experience of renting a tape from Zeus or Hades. There were also a number of newsagents who stocked martial arts movies and bizarre b-movie fare, but none of those were inspired by Greek mythology. Could this be a Brummie phenomenon?

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