Video answers

Thanks to Karen for answering our recent batch of questions!

What was your local video shop called? 

‘Video Den’ in my hometown (Va), ‘Photoplay’ and ‘Kim’s’ were the ones I used as an adult, and then there was one I forget the name of, maybe ‘JAF videos’. All three of those were in NYC. Oh, and ‘Heads Together’ in Pittsburgh.

Do you remember the owner?

The last two I knew the owners by sight and to say hello to.

Did you collect or buy ex-rental tapes from video shops that closed down?

Yes, lots. Mostly from stores I didn’t frequent as a renter. Heads¬†Together was the only one that closed while I was using it, and then I bought a bunch of their tapes.

Did your video shop keep a few rare items under the counter?

Not that I know of. I was there mostly to rent.

Did you manage to get 18 certificate films when you were still a youngster?

No, not my scene.

Did you design your own art work or VHS covers?


Have you imported video tapes from Europe and further afield?


Do you have and still use a VHS player?

Yes, and often.

What old formats do you still enjoy?

VHS tapes. (Also vinyl records, cassette tapes.)

Have you been a video shop owner, or are you still?


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